e are known for the complexity, granularity, and thoroughness of our research process, and for our ability to deliver a short list of qualified candidates in as much as half the time of our competitors.

To initiate a search, I schedule a 3-4 hour search planning meeting at the client’s location or over a video Skype connection (depending upon geographic limitations/time constraints), where we cover search criteria/job specifications; build a sourcing target list for the search; and interview the key members of the company’s management team for their respective input. Our research team starts the sourcing process as soon as the client signs off on the target list, and that process usually takes between seven and ten days to isolate the key individuals for screening.

After the initial client meeting, I compile the notes from the initial planning session and draft an email introduction to the company and the career opportunity, which frames the customer value proposition and market opportunity for the company in a succinct and compelling message.

Recruiting from our database contacts starts immediately upon completion and client approval/sign-off of the email introduction, and jump-starts the search process until the targeted organizational research on source companies is completed. My stated goal on most projects is to complete a search within six to eight weeks from contract initiation date until acceptance of offer.